About us

Who are the people behind Energy Data?

I am Jan Nagel, founder and managing director of Energy Data GmbH.

The idea and mission to offer energy metrics as Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) were born on the sidelines of one of my customer’s workshops at the end of 2018. During the break in the workshop, I got in touch with the company’s Energy Manager and he told me about the challenges involved in implementing an Energy Management System. The company wanted to get certified according to ISO 50001 shortly and still had a lot of homework to do. The Energy Manager complained that even tasks that seem so simple, such as normalizing with Degree Days – i.e. weather adjustment of energy data for comparability – of heating consumption are time-consuming yet a necessary process.

“What are exactly Heating Degree Days – and what is supposed to be so difficult about that?” I asked myself. The answer is simple. Heating Degree Days express the temperature difference between the base temperature from which a building is to be heated and the outside air temperature and add this up over a period of time. The temperature in degrees and the period in days: DEGREE DAYS. Especially for a large number of international locations, Degree Day calculation can be a time-consuming and expensive task.

“Challenge accepted!”, I said to myself and started working on the GRADTAGE project.
A few weeks later, the first prototype was available in the form of a database and automated service applications.

“And what qualifies Jan Nagel to set up and run an EDaaS (Energy-Data-as-a-Service)?” – As an Industrial Engineer with a strong passion for IT, the development and further improvement of the database including the interface applications are within my repertoire. As an experienced consultant in the energy sector for many years, I am focused on customers’ needs while respecting the actual demands of the market.

The development of the service turned out to be challenging and exciting. When our early stage actual users started using the service, we were able to immediately incorporate the valuable feedback into the further system development. Today we have a fully automated service for over 23,000 locations worldwide running that is used by international corporations as well as local enterprises or consultants.

In addition, owing to certification as an Energy Management Officer (TÜV) and other mandates in the energy management environment, the portfolio of EDaaS products and the range of services has grown.

Beginning of 2020 Energy Data GmbH was born founded, offering Energy-Data-as-a-Service as well as Energy Consultation Services.

Project Experiences since 2012

Managing Director Jan Nagel has cross-sector project experiences since 2012: e.g. in energy sector, automotive, health and real estate industry.

Certified Consultant

Continuous advancement training and certification are mandetory at Energy Data:

TÜV certification as Energy Management Officer in accordance with ISO 50001, classic project management certification in accordance to IPMA & PRINCE2 and agile project management as a SCRUM master.

Broad Network

Energy Data works with other Energy Consultants and Experts worldwide – focused on EU/ Germany. We offer you access to expert knowledge via the network to other consultation firms, engineering offices and energy specialists.

Energy Data is a  partner of the Energy Alliance of the EU Tech Chamber and a member of the Climate Score Organization.

 Climate Score

Jan Nagel

Jan Nagel

Managing Director

“In my professional career, as an Industrial & Business Engineer, I was able to contribute to many exciting and strategic projects for various consulting firms that always had the topic of sustainability in focus that required the application of new technologies. As a consultant, for example, I helped to expedite the development of the first electrified cars in the VW Group (2012-2015) and later I was part of developing concepts for the heating transition of a municipal district heating supplier. Many investment and organizational projects later, I Since started working as a freelance consultant beginning of 2020 in the field of Project and Energy Management and founded Energy Data GmbH at the beginning of 2021.”

Jan Nagel is a Board Member of the Energy Council of the European Technology Chamber. As a TÜV-certified Energy Management Officer and certified Project Manager (IPMA Level D, Scrum Master, PRINCE2), he is not only creating concepts and strategies on paper but also implementing them in your projects!”

Karl-Heinz Schulte

Karl-Heinz Schulte

Advisory Council

“With my long-term international management experiences from the operational to the CIO level and extensive experiences in management boards, I am supporting Jan Nagel and Energy Data in an advisory capacity. As a former member of E.ON’s senior management team, I also possess in-depth industry knowledge and contacts in the energy sector.”

Karl-Heinz Schulte is a member of the German Digital Councils (Deutsche Digitalen Beiräte) and offers C-Level as a Service for transformation and digitization projects. He advises the managing director on the development of new products and promotes networking. His knowledge of digital processes, technologies, and business models is an invaluable added value for Energy Data GmbH and its customers.

The Team

As a young startup, we have a small core team and we rely on our network of experts and freelancers for specialist topics.

The international core team currently consists of our Programmer, a Data-Analyst, an Energy & Sustainability Manager and the Management Board.

Become part of the team!

Do you find Energy Data GmbH exciting and do you think that with your background in the energy industry and / or data management, you can further develop our products portfolio and help our customers to become more energy efficient?