What are the Applications of Energy-Data-as-Service (EDaaS)?


Normalization of Energy Indicators

The energy baseline is always a snapshot of energy performance indicators at specific reference conditions. Changes in the reference conditions can have a major impact on the energy-related performance and must be adjusted for a systematic analysis – ISO 50001 refers to this as normalization.

A simple example is the weather influence on the heating or cooling requirement, which is normalized by Degree Days .


Do you not only want to measure your current energy consumption against your own energy baseline, but want to know how you stand in comparison to certain norms or industry standards? We have thousands of load profiles for a wide variety of building types and industrial processes in our database. Take advantage of this knowledge to evaluate your status quo or to make a decision on a specific technology selection.


Normalization with Degree Days

Degree Days assist in describing, assessment and comparing the heat  (and cooling) consumption of buildings. The key figures reflect the climatic conditions of a location that influence the heating and cooling demand. In this way, the heating and cooling energy consumption of buildings of multiple time periods or different geographical locations can be compared with one another or adjusted for further analysis.

Degree Days on Subscription as Energy-Data-as-a-Service

Our subscription services for Energy Managers, Consultants and other Energy Professionals who needs easy access on reliable worldwide data.

How does an EDaaS subscription work?

The Energy Data GmbH database includes decades of records from tens of thousands of weather stations around the world. We obtain the weather observations from the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS) and the Integrated Surface Database (ISD). Data quality control by various algorithms of the systems inspect any anomalies e.g. extreme values and limit values, consistency between parameters and continuity between observations.

Via an Application Programming Interface (API), you can send individual requests to our database and the requested key figures are calculated and made available for access via download or integration in real-time.

With our Energy-Data-as-a-Service, you can retrieve energy parameters and directly integrate them into your existing systems or display them conveniently in the web browser. Via the API, the data is calculated and made available specifically on your request. Thus, energy parameters such as Heating and Cooling Degree Days can be purchased directly via our store. Read here how the Degree Days API works:

After purchase on of our EDaaS-subscriptions you will recieve a personal API-Key. With this key you have access to the Degree Day Calculator PRO and can access our database via API for direct integration in your files and systems.

More Energy Data – from industry-specific load profiles to historical energy prices or weather influences such as solar hours – can be provided via individual queries or we develop individualized API programming. Tell us what data you need – we will provide it!