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Energy-Data-as-a-Service (EDaaS) 

Degree Days

Degree Days are indispensable for the systematic analysis of heating and cooling consumption and the evaluation of optimization measures. The two key figures are decisive basic values for the normalization of Energy Data in the real estate sector and industry. Normalization is performed to correct seasonal weather influences on energy consumption and thus make it comparable across different observation periods and geographical locations, as required by ISO 50001, for example. Our service is therefore primarily aimed at Energy Managers and Energy Experts.

  • Do you you monitor and manage the energy performance of your organization?
  • Is your organization located at multiple sites?
  • Do you need a reliable source for international Heating Degree Days, updated every month or maybe even every day?
Then our API service is exactly what you are looking for.

Be a step ahead of your competitors and enhance your Degree Day analysis through our Degree Day API. We even offer a 30-day money back guarantee for you to test the quality and feasibility of our service before making a purchase.

5 reasons for Data-as-a-Service from Energy Data GmbH:

📊 1. Customizable API: automated and individual provision of the energy indicators

💯 2. High Quality: trustworthy data sources and transparent calculation methods

🔒 3. Security: SSL protected connection for the payment process and data retrieval

🤝 4. No Risk: 30 days money back guarentee 

💡 5. Easy to Use: web-based calculation tool and comprehensive API documentation

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Degree Days - Trial Account

Try our API service for Degree Days without any risks and for free!

This allows you to test the service and the integration into your systems.

With this test account you can can query all calculations (check our API documentation) - but restricted to one specific weather station.

Get our energy indicators via an automated interface directly into your EnMS 

Energy Data GmbH's database includes decades of records from over 23,000 weather stations worldwide. We obtain the weather observations from the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS), and the Integrated Surface Database (ISD). Quality checks by different algorithms of the systems are performed to check for e.g. extreme values and limits, consistency between parameters and continuity between observations.

Via an interface, you can send individual requests to our database and the requested key figures are calculated and made available "live".

What is an API?

The abbreviation API stands for Application Program Interface. APIs are used to exchange data between different systems or programs.

In order to enable data exchange, a special syntax - "language" -is defined in the API.

If want to dig deeper into the technical details check out our API Documentation.

This is to technical for you? Don't worry, we have an easy to use web-interface. Try it out here: Degree Day Calculator PRO

How is the integration into my existing system working?

Any common Energy Management software or database solution is able to make API requests to our server and process the received data into the existing system. Even Excel allows easy integration of our data.

The request is send via a individual URL to our servers. Our software is then calculating your request and send back a file with your energy indicators in CSV format.

We are happy to support you with the initial setup!

The detailed API documentation with examples can be found here.

Can I test the API integration before I sign up for a subscription?

Of course, you can test the technical implementation risk-free!

After purchase of one of our subscription, you can cancel your order within 30 days without giving any reason and receive a full refund*. A simple short message to us is enough.

Alternatively, you can also request a free trial account. This account is activated for one weather station and allows you to test the integration and the range of functions.

*only for first-time customer

Our Locations

There are over 23,000 international weather stations in our database, which is kept up to date continually.

Check out our interactive map for stations near your locations. Using the search function, you can find stations nearby your address instantly.

When choosing a suitable weather station, not only the distance to the property but also the difference in altitude and geographical conditions must be taken into account.

Our Energy-as-a-Service Packages for Degree Days

Disclaimer: Our offers are directed exclusively to organizations and entrepreneurs. We do not conclude contracts with consumers.