Energy Data Format

Prepare your data for the Energy Normalizer

How to format your Energy Data

The Energy Normalizer Tool needs your raw energy usage data in a CSV format. The dataset should include time-period information, and it should include your energy usage information.

Your data should have the following structure:

Start Date End Date Usage

Make sure you don’t label the coloums.

Column Descriptions

  1. Start Date (first column): This is the first date of the measurement period. The date format should look like this: dd-mm-yy
  2. End Date (second column): This is the last date of the measurement period. Be aware that the end date of one period can not be the start date of the next period. The date format should look like this: dd-mm-yy
  3. Usage (third column): The value of a measurement period

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a CSV file?

 If you use Microsoft Excel, you can save an XLS file under a new format by going to to FileSave As and selecting CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) from the drop-down menu.

There are also many web-based format converters that you can use.

My raw data is in a different date format. How can I change this?

In Microsoft Excel, you can easily select the relevant cells → right mouse click → select Format Cells → select Custom → select dd-mm-yyyy

Can I upload hourly energy usage data

No. The minimum period is one day.