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Why do we use Heating and Cooling Degree Days?

In colder winters, buildings require more heating, and in hotter summers, more air conditioning. Degree Days calculated by the Energy Data GmbH take the variability of the weather out of the equation and help you to track, manage, and optimize energy consumption in millions of buildings worldwide.

That is why Degree Days are an important indicator used by energy managers, factory managers, facility owners as well as home owners and energy enthusiasts to analyze energy usage patterns.

Our Degree Day Calculator is a quick, simple, and complete tool to help you analyze and optimize how your heating and cooling consumption. No more copy & pasting Excel data, no complicated formulas – just a single click for your specific location.

This is how the free Degree Days Calculator works:


1. Select the location

Use the map to identify weather stations nearby your location. You can use the search function or navigate on the map to your location. Press “Copy station to calculator” to copy the station code into the calculator form.

The free version of our Degree Day Calculator is available for all stations marked with a pink marker. Stations with a turquoise marker are only available for subscribers of our pro version.

2. Select the Energy Indicator

The free version of our Degree Day Calculator gives you access to calculate Heating Degree Days.

Subscribers of our pro version can also calculate Cooling Degree Days and “Room Heating Degree Days”.

3. Set Dates

Set start and end date for your calculation.

The free version allows you to get Degree Days for the last 24 months.

If you need more historical data, check out our subscriptions for the pro version, which gives you access to minimum 10 years of data.

5. Choose Break-Down

Set the result break-down. You can choose between yearly and monthly aggregation. The pro version also has a daily break-down.

4. Set the Base Temperature

Set the Heating Limit for you Degree Day Calculation.

6. Set the Calculation Method

The free version only allows you to calculate Degree Days with the Integration Method, which is the most accurate one.

The pro version additionally  offers two other methods: Min./Max. Temperature and Daily Mean Temperature.

7. Choose Average Comparison

Optionally, you can calculate and view long-term values. To do this, select the checkbox and choose the period in years that should be included for the long-term average.

What are Degree Days?

Heating Degree Days are used to describe, assess and compare the heat consumption of buildings. The same approach can be used to assess the the energy consumption for cooling (Cooling Degree Days). These key figures reflect the climatic conditions of a location which influence the heating requirement.

Degree Days as Energy-Data-as-a-Service (EDaaS)

With our automated data service, you can import Heating and Cooling Degree Days directly into systems for your use cases such as Energy Management Software or via Excel data evaluation.

Test our Energy-Data-as-a-Service risk-free: Now with 30 days money back guarantee!


Our Locations

There are over 23,000 international weather stations in our database, which is kept up to date continually.

Check out our interactive map for stations near your locations. Using the search function, you can find stations nearby your address instantly.

When choosing a suitable weather station, not only the distance to the property but also the difference in altitude and geographical conditions must be taken into account.

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