Systematic management of energy flows is based on figures, data and facts.

Energy Data supports you in this process!

What are the Applications of Energy-Data-as-Service (EDaaS)?


Normalization of Energy Indicators

The energy baseline is always a snapshot of energy performance indicators at specific reference conditions. Changes in the reference conditions can have a major impact on the energy-related performance and must be adjusted for a systematic analysis – ISO 50001 refers to this as normalization.

A simple example is the weather influence on the heating or cooling requirement, which is normalized by Degree Days .


Do you not only want to measure your current energy consumption against your own energy baseline, but want to know how you stand in comparison to certain norms or industry standards? We have thousands of load profiles for a wide variety of building types and industrial processes in our database. Take advantage of this knowledge to evaluate your status quo or to make a decision on a specific technology selection.


Normalization with Degree Days

Degree Days assist in describing, assessment and comparing the heat  (and cooling) consumption of buildings. The key figures reflect the climatic conditions of a location that influence the heating and cooling demand. In this way, the heating and cooling energy consumption of buildings of multiple time periods or different geographical locations can be compared with one another or adjusted for further analysis.

Automated Data Service

Many products can be integrated directly into your existing databases and software applications via an interface (API). Once setup, you will always be provided with the latest data.


Worldwide Database

Our database gives you access to a wide variety of key energy figures around the globe. For example, we derive relevant key figures such as Heating Degree Days, Cooling Degree Days or potential photovoltaic yields from over 23,000 weather stations.

Standard Product or Customized Demands

You can purchase EDaaS products directly in the store and use them immediately. If you are looking for a special data set, contact us and we will make you a customized offer.

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Every organization is different and each scenario demands an individual approach. Are you missing a very specific data set for analysis and further decision making? No matter whether historical energy prices, weather indicators or performance data of different technologies.